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Loewe Solo Origami Eau de Toilette 50ml


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Inspired in the folds, the geometric shapes and the interplay of volumes of the age-old Japanese art of Origami, we introduce the new LOEWE SOLO fragrance. A fresh and delicate Eau de Toilette with soft notes of wood that perfectly combines the freshness of lemon and Italian bergamot, the aniseed note of basil and the Mediterranean essences of lavender and geranium. Furthermore, the woody, amber aromas provide it with the distinction that is so characteristic of the LOEWE SOLO family.
Wet Stone Chord : basil, rosemary, cardamom,
Dry Wood Chord : musk, amber, vetiver, patchouli,
Fresh Chord : Italian lemon, Italian bergamot,
Floral Mediterranean Chord : lavender, geranium, absolute lavandin .

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Loewe Solo Origami Eau de Toilette 50ml


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