Naqat Saleha By Saud Al Sanausi


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It is the fifth work of Kuwaiti novelist Saud Al-Sanousi, published in August 2019 by the Arab House of Sciences Publishers in Beirut, the novel takes from Diyya Kuwait is a geographical place in the beginning of the twentieth century, before the establishment of the state, coinciding with the battle of Al-Sarif. The tribe rejects the marriage of "Salha bint her father" with her cousin, Dakhil bin Asmar, and forces her to marry her cousin, Salih Ibn Sheikh, the tribe of Al-Mahrous. There is good news for Salha that her cousin has left the desert to the Emirate of Kuwait after trying to prevent him from marrying her to reside in it. The emirate, whose tribe views hostility disguised as a new name, intending to start a new life in the coastal metropolis, works in grazing sheep.

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Naqat Saleha By Saud Al Sanausi


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